At Ski 2 Sky Sports, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to enhance your skiing and snowboarding experience. Our range of services is designed to keep your gear in top condition, ensuring optimal performance on the slopes. Whether you're looking for maintenance and tuning or seeking to upgrade your equipment, we have you covered. Explore our services below:

1. Hot Waxes and Edges:

Maintain the performance and longevity of your skis or snowboard with our professional hot wax and edge services. Choose from two options:

  • Hot Wax: Our cost-effective hot wax service applies a protective layer of wax to the base, resulting in smoother gliding and improved control. Price: $19.99.

  • Hot Wax and Edge: For a comprehensive tune-up, opt for our hot wax and edge service. In addition to the hot wax application, our skilled technicians sharpen the edges, ensuring excellent grip and responsiveness on the slopes. Price: $29.99.

Please note that waxing and edging services are available for purchase in-store.

2. Trade-In Program:

Upgrade your skiing or snowboarding equipment while saving money through our Trade-In Program. Bring in your used skis, snowboards, or boots, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Convenience: Our Trade-In Program offers a hassle-free way to exchange your used gear for credit towards the purchase of new equipment in our store.

  • Cost Savings: By trading in your used gear, you can save significantly compared to purchasing new equipment or renting gear for each session. Our program ensures fair trade-in values based on our selling prices, offering you a cost-effective upgrade solution.

  • Quality Assurance: Ski 2 Sky Sports is committed to providing high-quality equipment. Our experts evaluate the condition of your gear and offer fair trade-in values, ensuring that you receive value for your trade-in.

Please note that the Trade-In Program is available in-store and subject to condition assessment. We do not accept skis older than 10 years or equipment in poor condition.

Experience the convenience and cost savings of our services at Ski 2 Sky Sports. From maintaining your gear's performance with hot waxes and edges to upgrading your equipment through our Trade-In Program, we have the expertise and dedication to meet your winter sports needs. Visit our store in North Vancouver today and discover how we can elevate your skiing and snowboarding adventures. Get ready to conquer the slopes with confidence!

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